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The ridiculous notion that being of a different culture or race (especially white) means that you are not allowed to adopt things from other cultures. This does nothing but support segregation and hinder progress in the world. All it serves to do is to promote segregation and racism.
"That plain ass white bitch is wearing a bindi! That's classic Cultural Appropriation!"

"Doesn't Osaka in Japan have a bastardized Americanized city? Isn't that Cultural Appropriation?"
"Cultural Appropriation only applies to white people, so that doesn't count."
#cultural appropriation #racism #segregation #social justice #sjw
by garrenn November 25, 2014
Something that only Nicki Minaj can get away with
Nicki minaj wore a native American headdress at the 2015 vmas nobody bats an eye . Miley wears dreadlocks OMG CULTURAL APPROPRIATION
by princesssparkle 999 October 21, 2015
Cultural Appropriation is the very real theft of the elements of a minority culture, stolen by the majority, and joined into pop culture, without acknowledging the original creators of that culture. Elements that the original culture are usually made fun of for embracing, but are made trendy by the majority while abusing its significance. Anyone can appropriate culture.
"Do you see Steven with that tribal tattoo? "
"Total cultural appropriation he isn't even native American and he doesn't know what they stand for. He said they just looked cool"
by thatrudeblackgirl May 15, 2016
The act of taking customs, practices, or traditions from one culture (usually by a member of a dominant culture) to either mock or simplify the meaning or significance of that piece of culture. Also, taking/wearing something from another culture and appreciating it only when it is not on the body of a member of that culture.
Examples/applications of cultural appropriation:

Giuliana Rancic: OMG Kylie Jenner's dreadlocks are so cool and edgy!!
Giuliana Rancic: OMG Zendaya must smell like weed and patchouli.

Any male or female that is NOT Native American wearing a Native American headdress because those headdresses are reserved for MALE elders after a religious ceremony; it's not just a cute hat.

Wearing bindis, dashikis, dreadlocks, saris, kilts, clogs, or any other type of clothing that is not native to your own culture without acknowledging the history these clothes come from or the oppression that some people who wear those clothes have to face because they are different from the majority culture in a specific country.
by epitome_of_grace November 03, 2015
The act of contaminating white culture with outside influences.

Proponents of this term demand that customs, practices or traditions that originated in a non-white culture be kept out of it.

Increasingly, the term is used to purge non-white culture altogether.
"You can't wear a colombian costume on Halloween, that's cultural appropriation!"
"I am colombian."
"That doesn't matter; it might trigger the other white racists."
by Andy Eier January 22, 2016
The practice of using something from another culture that you're not a part of.
Miley Cyrus had dreads. Only black people can have dreads. That's cultural appropriation.
by TheRealKingJ December 29, 2015
When a person takes something with cultural significance from another culture for their own, but doesn't respect or understand the cultural significance the something has. Instead they only claim to 'like' the culture because of what they can gain from it.
White kid 1: Ugh, Indians have such stupid customs and shit.
White kid 2: Yeah OMG!

White kid 1: OMG Bindis are so cool! I love Indians! I'm all for Hindu or whateverr
Indian kid: wtf cultural appropriation much.
#cultural apropriation #cultural #appropriation #social #racism
by seriously253 May 16, 2015
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