An organization that is not associated with the mainstream beliefs at the time. Often stereotyped as brainwashing and taking advantage of their members, but this is untrue in most circumstances.
Christianity used to be considered a cult by the Pagan Roman Empire when Jesus was preaching his monotheistic beliefs.
by Aragohrn November 20, 2006
a small religion
Chester joined a cult.
by Pandaemonium August 14, 2003
According to the dictionary... a religion or religious sct generally considered guidence of an authoritarian, charismatic leader...Although, the CULT im talking about is the best group of girls from bethesda, md.
CULT is known for bring a box of wine to parties due to the fact that no one else shares booze and everyone else sweats their style!!
by DABOMB.COM October 26, 2004
Odd religios type following devoted to a person, diety, or movement
The New Church is a cult
by dave April 27, 2004
Dudesticles: Dude, Nick is such a CULT
Brian: Yea, what a wierdo
by Dudesticles April 29, 2008
something that is cool because it is evil or satanic, used in the same way as cool, pimp, or any other adjective.
That concert was cult as fuck.
Put in some of that cult music by Cannibal Corpse.
by Corey Andersen December 29, 2004
the whole world
the whole world is a cult
by dark black shades December 26, 2003

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