someone who uses the end of their sleeve as a hankerchief
"eurr... look at that crust on his sleave, he's such a cuffer!"
by Jason K1 October 20, 2006
Top Definition
Another term for jailbait. Going after this girl will likely get you arrested and in handcuffs.
Guy A: "I've got my eyes on the blonde baby-face in the shallow end of the pool"
Guy B: "Serious pal? She's a total cuffer"
by Akaza April 16, 2013
A cuffer is a volunteer firefighter that gets so excited running lights and sirens to a call that he/she sometimes fondles themselves.
Greg and James are such cuffers, each time they go on a run they have to get napkins at the Mcdonalds drive thru to clean themselves up prior to checking on scene.
by Patrick the great August 19, 2007
A Policeman or Policewoman.
''watch it blad cuffer comin!''
by sweet jesus March 04, 2006
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