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Cude is a shortened version of cool dude! Or can be used to describe a cute dude.
Wow, he's cude!
by craig May 07, 2004
35 22
cude means a really cool guy that you want to be like.
I wish I was that cude!
by JAMIE111 May 08, 2004
25 16
a really wiked person who is real good at sports
yea that guy is well cude!
by freeble June 07, 2004
16 10
Complete Utter Dumb Elite: Group of people who like hurting themselves for entertainment
Did you see the Cude doing there thing is was cool I like things that are cool
by Daniel Loomb April 10, 2005
11 19
to cude is to insert an ice cube into someones derick.
id like to cude you.
by jennie_w October 02, 2007
6 18