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1.a girl who may look like an intimidating hottie on the outside but on the inside is a giggly lil kiddy full lovey doveys, usually only a boyfriend can see.
2.cute and cuddly.
"That girl seems so serious!" "No way, we've been dating for over a year now, she's the biggest cuddlemonster you'll ever meet."
by Nicholas Melefsky August 25, 2007

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When you go back with a girl after a night out, don't have sex with her and just cuddle.
me:"so charlie did you shag beth"
charlie: "no mate, im an emotional guy and im really in love with her, so we just cuddled all night long"
me: "haha you wet cunt, you CUDDLE MONSTER!"
by Fozzamario January 17, 2011
1. A beautiful girl who's shy but loves to cuddle.
2. A really good cuddler

3. Think cookiemonster but with cuddling. i.e. a cuddling addict
"What'd you and Jessie do last night?"

"Oh, nothing. I thought we were going to go out but her cuddlemonster took over and we just stayed in"
by Sydclark19 May 29, 2013