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the special kind of pillow talk that takes occurs when one lover gently holds another in his/her arms
After I reamed her in the buttocks and spilled my seed on her tramp stamp, we finished the evening with a delightful session of cuddle-lingus. She told me stories about her time in Paris and her bout with chlamydia.
by Matthew P! November 20, 2007

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A word coined by author Jeff Brown, Cuddlelingus is a huggy kind of oral sex, one where the woman's vagina is worshipped with cozy tenderness, a kind of labial love hug that is slow, subtle and sweet.
He has become a much better lover. Where before he attacked my vagina with his tongue, now he loves it gently, performing a kind of cuddlelingus.
by Uncommon Bonder April 11, 2014
The act of cuddling thevagina.
We did not have intercourse bur we did cuddlelingus.
by lala betito August 27, 2011
Affectionate cuddling that occurs between a face and a vagina excluding oral stimulation.
Cindy felt comfortable when Richard suggested performing cuddlelingus on the first date.
by G&K July 10, 2007