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when a person has not cuddled for a very long time and has an incredible urge to cuddle the shit out of the next person they see
I can't control myself, I'm so cuddle horny I think I'm gonna sleep with your tootsie roll pillow tonight.
by Head Cuddler January 02, 2012

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When someone, usually a girl, feels an intense need to cuddle, kiss, or hug someone. It may also come with a desire to have their hair played with, or to simply have some sort of semi-romantic to romantic physical contact. It may also go along with feeling horngry.
Girl: Could you come over? I'm feeling really cuddlehorny today...
Boy: Oh hell yes
by Stormy the Bored September 25, 2013
When you want to have sex but are to tired so you cuddle instead
After a week of not seeing eachother ,Eli was very cuddle horny.
by Eli's girl April 08, 2014