A device which Satan and the U.S. Government designed together to slowly suck out the souls and personalities of unsuspecting citizens seeking financial stability.

Usually placed in the office building of a business, its main intentions are:

1.) To give its victim an eternity of suffering and purgatory before they even die.
2.) To rid its victim of his or her spontaneity, personality and life by micromanaging such things as dress codes and behavior, also known as fascism.
Person who works in a cubicle: "I work for a billion-dollar corporation while making a lower-middle class wage every year by working in a cubicle where my soul is slowly sucked away while working a 9-to-5 shift, adhering to a strict dress code and wasting 5 out of my 7 days of the week."
by semipunk93 April 22, 2011
A sex position involving 4 people of any gender. The four lay down in a square shape, and proceed to pleasure each other orally, while they are stimulated by another. The 4 people laying in a box shape resembles the walls of a cubicle, hence the name.
Hey me, Lisa, and Taquonda are doing the cubicle tonight...care to join us?
by omglazergun March 16, 2008
1. inspiring awe, excitement.
2. showing or characterized by coolness.
Person 1: This is a totally wicked awesome madhot rock formation!
Person 2: Why don't you just say: 'this is a cubicle rock formation!'?
Person 1: Damn straight son. This is so cubicle!
by Boris V June 13, 2007
our house.
Let's go party at the cubicle.
by grassyknoll September 17, 2003

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