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a math term basicly meaning, x to the power of three. for example, 5 cubed could equal 5**3, five to the power of three, or 125. cubed is also used in volume. for example, the volume that cube is 36cm cubed.
=v cm cubed

five cubed equals 125
by 5**3=125 February 14, 2009
6 7
The insertion of 9 or so icecubes up the vagina. Obviously very cold!
John McConville cubed my friend Sarah Harris. Oh The Images!!!!
by Joanna-Clare March 07, 2004
28 17
Short for "to the third power."

Came from the fact that if you got all the square units from cubing a number and put them together, it would make a 3-D cube.

See also: cubed root
"Three cubed = twenty-seven."
by That Bum May 29, 2005
15 7
(Verb) To perform and experience complete success during a 24 hour period.

To have had an extremely good day.
Amy: How was your day?

Carlos: I went surfing at Linda Mar, hit a few balls at the driving range, met the in-laws for dinner, caught up on my bills, and found some good new tracks online. I cubed it.

Amy: Damn. That is a great day.

Carlos: Yeah, I'd have to say today was a good day.
by IceCubeFan11 May 01, 2011
4 3
Square^2, square-squared. Totally nerdy, socially clueless, completely out of touch with real life.
Be there or be cubed.
by Carolyn the Great March 30, 2011
0 1
n. - the state of being broken beyond repair
v. - "to cube" to discard of broken things
adj. - denoting uselessness
"How's that code coming along?" "It turned out cubish and I had to start over."

"I heard you you started seeing someone new." "Nah, we cubed right away."
by John K. Fitzpatrick December 18, 2010
1 2
Short, fat and squatty. All ass, and no body.
Man, that girl's so big, her height equals her width and her depth! She's cubed, yo!
by anonymous November 08, 2003
7 10