A small, bear-like person. Similiar to a cub (as in bear). Usually named Sarah and rather large breasted. Small of voice, as well as small of thought. Also, dislikes touching of any kind.
Scott: Cubby, oh small, large-breasted one?
Cubby: Yes?
Scott:I am going to have sex with you now, do not be alarmed.
by Lotte February 15, 2005
A hairy-like gorilla that fails at everything he does but despite all that is a goofy son of a bitch and loves the fat
Oh my god cubby, what are you doing
by CUBBYFAN April 03, 2011
Tony Almeida's mug in 24, survived the bomb blast in season 2 even though about 20 odd people didnt! has been used in the past for an overweight tony to drink none other than beer out of whilst watching obscure south american football on TV
"My god, i cant believe cubby survived the bomb blast!"
"Beer wont taste all that great in Cubby"
Almeida - "I love Cubby"
Mouse - "What is that UBS mug tony is drinkin out of dude?"
Bridgy - "Dude, that says Cubs! its name is Cubby!, u tool".
by Bridgy February 24, 2006
cutest dog 3v3r,

big ball of fluffy
cubby is soooooo cute, i want to take her home
by Co0L3$7 K!D October 05, 2009
Scholars once thought that "Cubby" was an ancient man-beast, a result of years of human/cow/octopus inbreeding. Recent discoveries have laid such theories to rest, however. It is now known that Cubby is a singularity of gayness. There is such a high density of gayness in one Cubby, that it collapses on itself and becomes a gay black hole, or a "Cubby" hole. It is often used as slang for gay people that are so gay, the observer of the Cubby feels immediately inclined to stuff penis after penis into their mouth.
Ugh! That guy is SO gay! He's a friggin Cubby...I mean seriously, let's go have sex with some gay men. Over and over.
by NotDonKnots January 06, 2005
a vagina that is used for storage purposes, similar to the cubbies we all used in kindergarten
The girl at fat camp hid sweets in her cubby.
by cwebb September 13, 2006
the best drummer ever, not too mention he is quite attractive.
All men, women, children, and filthy whores will know the name of Cubby when he gets a record deal.
by cubby fan January 19, 2005

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