In a social environment, Cubby is the name of the target prey for cougars and pumas. These older women look for the younger men who's eyes are large and new the world, like a young cub.
A cougar would point out her cub to her friends like this "That guy is my cubby, i am going in for the kill." She would then approach the young, attractive man.
by wjgj September 26, 2008
Top Definition
A sweet handsome looking masculine man with so much to offer. Someone who makes you feel wanted. Has an awesome personality and is super fun to be around. Someone worth taking a chance on...
Wish I had my cubby here with me...
by mackattack January 10, 2013
The small shelves we would put our stuff in in kindergarten
Robby that's not your cubby you stupid fuck
by thebandz July 11, 2013
An endearing term for the Chicago Cubs.
(Back to the Future 2:) "Wish I could go back in time; put some money on the Cubbies!"
by Jack August 05, 2006
Cubby is the best. He's handsome, studly, and very smart. He can be quiet, but he is extremely out going and funny when you are close to him. He has an incredible personality. Cubby's are the best. And usually Italian. So smokin. Really can't get any better.
I wish I had Cubby for my boyfriend...
by Gretchen1234 February 04, 2012
Quick witted charming young male
That boys like a cubby
by TheCubby September 26, 2013
A totally hilarious guy, who just LOVES to drive people insane. He can be nice at times though, but usually, he's very annoying. Kind of strange, but kind of cool at the same time. (If you know me please don't tease me about this, but he's kind of cute and gives nice hugs). AAAAND, we like to tease him about his relatives being bears. (They're not, but it's kind of hard not to tease him about it cause his name relates to a bear cub).
Man, that guys is SO insane, his name must be Cubby.
by bunnybubbles2000 January 06, 2014
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