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A Cuba libre made with Añejo-7-Años black/dark rum instead of Añejo-Blanco clear rum.
Quisiera una cubata aquí, por favor
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by El pavo de cerveza September 13, 2007
A spanish word to define a kind of drink. The word "cubata" is used in Spain to describe any mix of moonshine (a.k.a. Vodka) plus a non-alcoholic drink (a.k.a. RedBull).

Cubatas for amateur drinkers:
- Malibú w/ pineapple
- Peach liqueur w/ orange.

Cubatas for olders:
- Whisky w/ coke.
- Vodka w/ milk.

Cubatas for inmortal people:
- TGV+R: Tequila, Ginebra, Vodka & redbull.
- TVWW+R: Tequila, Vodka, Whisky, Wine and redbull.
Este cubata está asqueroso.
This "cubata" is disgusting.
#cubata #alcoholic drink #non-alcoholic drink #drink #cubalibre
by Barceloninian May 05, 2011
-shortened form of cuba libre; rum and coke
Echame otra cubata, por favor!
by la borracha March 19, 2005
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