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Chill the fuck out. Used when someone really needs to calm down.
Jane : Mark broke up with me last night, I'm so depressed, what am I going to do, my life is ruined-
Sarah : Ctfo!
by 57thStreet June 24, 2010
"chill the fuck out"
Used when a person is speaking to another person over internet or in person to calm them down
Matt: My mom is going to FLIP out when
she sees my chemistry grade!

Ben: Dude, ctfo man, ctfo.
by AlxCec May 24, 2007
Chill the Fuck Out . Unlike previous postings where "Bryce" from DC has claimed to have invented this word- that is just not true.
CTFO Bryce!
by dave-FUAD September 05, 2009
Chill the fuck out.
Person 1: I am so mad, omg, I wish I had a gun, shit!

Person 2: Dude, just ctfo.

Person 1: Ok.
by Lil' chick June 27, 2010
Chill the fuck out.
Bro.. ctfo.
by Belleh Livveh July 06, 2010
Chill the fuck out
Dayummm cant a brotha just ctfo, he's buggin hardcore

Sometimes Ryan just needs to ctfo

Smh sometimes a brotha just needs to ctfo and foh
by tobesandezzie October 25, 2010
Come The Fuck On
My computer is so slow...... ARGH.......... CTFO!!!!!!
by Sk8rman1000 November 23, 2010