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Casual Sex Partner.
Someone who your with casually to have sex with.
So your just looking for a csp?
by Jn1 February 01, 2005
Company Sponsored Poop. The acronym CSP is commonly used by employees who use the restroom at work.
I'm going to be a few minutes late to the meeting. I need to take a CSP.
by Bandtank February 09, 2010
C.S.P. are the three terms that describe the average attractive female...
C-cute: Adorable face, hot body with tight 'TIGHT' clothes
S-short: Height is between 5'2" to 5'7". Very down to earth!
P-portable: Easy to be picked up and be taken away.

Yo, look at dat shorty over there. C.S.P. the full package to picked and delivered to my house.
by Rich Manoogian November 16, 2007
Combat Situation Pickup. A term which illustrates the act of the mid-combat pickup of a special target (sniper, VIP, etc.) or a team of soldiers. This term only describes a pickup during which the landing zone is hot.
1> The helicopter pilot made a CSP for the bravo squad during a firefight.
2> "Bird One, get in there and give delta squad a CSP, zone is hot!"
by George9999 May 16, 2006
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