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the coolest name on this earth which can not be translated into any other launguage othere then hungarian. you bitchs
lets go see csaba hes got the chronic !
csaba is the coolest
by dan December 08, 2004

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A common Hungarian word - for example used by the son of Attila the Hun - and is referred to as a lover of the Orient. Historically the Huns from which the Hungarians descend from came from Asia and csaba is used to refer to the historic origins of the Hun people.
He likes the Chinese like Csaba
by Christopher Weed March 06, 2010
The sexiest guy ever. Csaba is funny and hunky. All the girls love Csaba because he's a chick magnet. He's a flirt but he knows how to treat a girl right. He is amazing and smart. He's good in bed and carries a big "package".
Csaba is so sexy
by TheOneWhoKnowsAll69 March 30, 2011