An abbreviation that is short for Crips
"Make the West Coast rise forever
Ese's; B's and C's, represent your letter"
by Nigga West Siiiide March 26, 2008
CS is a short definition of:CounterStrike/Counter Strike/Counter-Strike/Cstrike

One of the most famous computergames in the world. Two teams fighting against eachothers with guns and granades.
In some maps the "Bad" ones need to plant a bomb and in some other maps the "Good" guys (some times even called "Snela Hestar") need to rescue the hostages.
There's tousends of clans that plays this game.
Well, lets play some CS!
by Klibbnisse June 22, 2005
1.Cock Sucker
2.Cock Sucking
3.Counter Sucking
4.Cock Strike
CoolDude23: are you a pro CSer?
GayDude96: f0 sh0, iM 1337 a7 cS bI4tCh!
by DohNut March 13, 2005
C's (CCC) stands for Creepy Cockblocking Cunt, A mate, generally intoxicated of whom trys to pick up girls around his mates only to be rejected as he in considered creepy. This rejection resulting in the guy then stopping his mates from succeeding by acting in a cockblockish manner. Cunt being thrown in there cos well the guy is just being a plain cunt.
Oh man the way Rhys was acting the other night we should just call him C's
by Dr. Crow December 13, 2008
common sense
if you had some cs you would know
by DJ Smooth October 12, 2008
Abreviation for Counter-Strike. The best computer game ever created.
Dude, lets go play some CS
by Jiphie August 15, 2003
Counter-Strike. Game that used to be good until it became infested with cheaters. Play Day Of Defeat instead.
CSer:Fckin Ts r cmpin
Me:Dunno what the fuck you said, but you should play Day Of Defeat.
by DoDisbetter June 03, 2005

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