A brutal Death Metal band, with possibly the fastest, most talented drummer in the world. They originate from Montreal, Quebec, in my homeland of Canada. :)

The band has some fairly simplistic, but mostly ass-kicking riffs. The guitars sound good too. The drummer, Flo Mounier, is fucking incredible. The vocals are mostly unintelligible Death-Grunts, not that that's a bad thing.

All in all, the band is very good, they're know for their brutality and their amazing drummer. Hard to believe there are good Death Metal bands coming from Canada, much less the French part. The world thought all Death Metal came from Sweden and the USA. What a good 'ol fashioned kick in the ass.
"Cryptopsy has an amazing drummer."


"Holy shit! Cryptopsy is playing a show in Quebec!"


"Cryptopsy has some fucking sick Death Grunts."
by Metal-Head May 05, 2005
Top Definition
canadian death metal band. has quite possibly the fastest drummer in the world.
the band, cryptopsy, kicks your ass.
by jon October 23, 2003
Best damned death metal band ever
"cryptopsy are fucking good"
by kelwen October 22, 2003
A technical death metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The band consists of Lord Worm (Dan Greening) - vocals, Alex Auburn - Lead and rhythm guitars and backing vocals, Josh Kramer - Lead and rhythm guitars, Stephen Chavis - Bass, Flo Mounier - Insane ass drummer, also backing vocals.

Lord Worm used to partake in a peculiar stage show of engaging in the activity of consuming worms, these would also occasionally be fed to mall goth's in the front row. He left the band in 1997 to teach English to adults, in most of his lyrics this is an obvious talent he beholds, he re-joined in 2003. He wields a mighty scream which he holds for 28 seconds in "Open Face Surgery" and grunts that are almost completely undecipherable.

Flo Mounier (Florient Mounier) is also another popular favorite of the band, the drummer, considered one of the best heavy metal drummers in the world reaching insane speeds with his double kick drum but still been able to keep a nice rhythm, could probably play just as fast using his nostrils. Also released his own drumming DVD (Extreme Metal Drumming 101) which includes drumming lessons and footage of him in his glory.
Did you see everyone beating the shit out of each other at that Cryptopsy concert?

I bought Flo's DVD, I can reach 1 200b/m on a tamborine now.
by Tipskin March 26, 2007
Fucking good brutal death metal band from canada.
"Why the hell did lord worm leave cryptopsy?"
by psychoman364 November 26, 2003
Death metal band from the Montreal area, this group first appeared in 1992, when it was called Necrosis; in the same year it was reincarnated under the name of Cryptopsy.
"That Cryptopsy show kiscked ass!"
by Godemp October 28, 2003
a fucking good band!! \m/
i think crytopsy are really good
by paul of death October 21, 2003
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