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The crwth (rhymes with tooth) is an archaic stringed musical instrument, associated particularly with Wales, although once played widely in Europe. One of only a few English words without a vowel (although the "w" serves as a vowel sound). Other vowelless Scrabble words (some of them dubious, in my opinion): HM(M), MM, SH(H), BRR(R), CWM(S), NTH, PH(PH)T, TSK(TSK)(S), PFFT, PSST.
The bard played his crwth in the verdant cwm.
by Nernom February 12, 2008
Crwth (adj) describes something that might otherwise be called "cool," "dope," "chill," or "swag."

Supposedly originated in the Midwest, particularly Kansas City.
The Portugal. The Man concert was crwth as hell.
by alainbadiou May 18, 2011
a professional cunt-licker.
That Man-ho/He- Bitch could make a lot of money as a crwth.

"Hey Moesha, dont you think latricia is up for crwth of the year!?"
by Rastaaaaaa October 18, 2007
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