With sexual relations after a women's menstrual bleeding, the penis emerges from the vagina with a flakey, scabby, residue.
Johnny was pleasantly surprised when he was left with a crusty-crab from his brother's girlfriend.
by BAMFMASTA M December 04, 2010
Top Definition
When your on the beach with a girl, you get your dick all sandy and stick it in her clam,hole
last night i was doing this and i asked her if she knew about the crusty crab, and then Bam! i gave here a serious crusty crab right into the clammed yam
by jm nsvdklGHN December 08, 2008
When a guy cums all over a girls pubes and the guy gives her crabs!
Marlene: What Happen?? Whats wrong with your pants?
Elise:Damn it! That Small Dick Shit gave me a CRUSTY CRAB
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
when you dont wipe your butt good enough
your butt itches when you dont wipe it good enough
by Mike Andrews October 20, 2003
a girl who fucked lots of guys and her crotch is now loose and crusty like form with lots of diseases in her crotch
That crusty crab was very aggressive last night and very easy to do her.
by African-Ox January 11, 2011
to have sex with arcadio
to smash white girls hardcore, with crusty dick; crusty crab
by niggggggaaaaaa November 15, 2006
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