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Not to be confused with the gooch, the "Crunt" is a rear view of a naked man's ballsack dangling between his legs.
I got mooned yesterday and got some crunt action.

Becky: "Dammit Ted, when you mooned my friends they got a prime view of your crunt."
by m4ch0 July 21, 2008
73 48
A marginally acceptable form of the word "cunt".

Highlighted by a joke involving a teacher applying for a new job. The principal asks her name and she says "Miss Franny". "Ooh, I don't think I'll remember that" says the principal. "It's easy" says the teacher, "just think of Fanny with an R". The teacher gets the job and the next day when the principal is introducing her to her new class he says "Children, I'd like you to meet your new teacher... Miss Crunt!"

For all the bemused Americans - "fanny" in Australia and Britain means "vagina", not "butt".
I'm having an absolute crunt of a day.
by Choda Boy 57 August 11, 2006
107 47
Used to describe a woman when "cunt" just isn't strong enough.
Marc:"My friend Kevin worked two jobs to support his wife while she was in Grad School, and as soon as she graduated, she left him for another man."
Me:"Man, what a crunt!"
by braino67 August 05, 2010
36 24
When your vagina is too dirty to be a crotch or a cunt, you are a CRUNT.
You are a crusty CRUNT.
by RachelGR December 03, 2010
21 11
Portmanteau of crazy and cunt. Used when the cunt in question is also fucking nuts.
Sally completely flipped out when she saw me chatting with my friend Lisa. What a crunt!
by skullmuffins November 11, 2010
19 13
the spot between ur ass and your cunt
your crunt smells like blue cheese crumbles
by cruntman July 12, 2009
7 10
a crusty cunt; a vagina with any type of crusty substance surrounding the vaginal area.
"So did you finger Britney last night?
No man she had the nastiest crunt. I was geekin."
by dgeezy January 07, 2008
23 27