for that special lady who is worse than a cunt. combines crack-whore and cunt. crunt. women who hate to hear the word cunt know this is worse but cant prove it.
Dude, that skanky chic down stairs was a real cunt to me today.
Naa man, the crackheads been stealin my mail for two weeks also. this just elevated her to crunt status
by Dr.angus MD April 15, 2008
The word to use when the 'c' word is innapropriate, once a new letter is introduced into the word then it is a different word.
Steve has no money, he is a poor crunt.
by Eeeeelaine June 21, 2006
An non-offensive word used to replace "cunt" in speach.
You are a big wet crunt.
by Drew. September 02, 2005
It's the space between a girl's crack and cunt. Thus, the portmanteau crunt.
My sister tried to steal a pizza roll from my plate and ran, so I gave her a square kick in the crunt.
by battlekat April 10, 2009
Originating from the words "Crusty" and "Cunt". Meaning a Ginormous Bitch!! Can be used ANYWHERE easily! Can also signify a REAL promiscious nasty ho.
Hey Crunt where'd ya get that dress? {was I just slammed?????} LOL!! say it anywhere who's to know!!.....and....."See that girl over there? CRUNT!! Ya massive bootay call there."
by DEWdette March 01, 2009
When you mix crusty, and cunt together. its more of a funny thing to call someone then an insult..or an actual crusty cunt..
Jamie-Ashley, you are such a crunt.
Ashley- hahahhahaha.
by brianca December 05, 2007
An extremely unpleasant person. Someone who is both aggresive through ignorance.
I told him time and time again, ' I don't like it', and he still carried on. He was a right crunt
by janetw April 25, 2006
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