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The word to use when the 'c' word is innapropriate, once a new letter is introduced into the word then it is a different word.
Steve has no money, he is a poor crunt.
by Eeeeelaine June 21, 2006
6 13
An non-offensive word used to replace "cunt" in speach.
You are a big wet crunt.
by Drew. September 02, 2005
8 15
It's the space between a girl's crack and cunt. Thus, the portmanteau crunt.
My sister tried to steal a pizza roll from my plate and ran, so I gave her a square kick in the crunt.
by battlekat April 10, 2009
7 15
Originating from the words "Crusty" and "Cunt". Meaning a Ginormous Bitch!! Can be used ANYWHERE easily! Can also signify a REAL promiscious nasty ho.
Hey Crunt where'd ya get that dress? {was I just slammed?????} LOL!! say it anywhere who's to know!!.....and....."See that girl over there? CRUNT!! Ya massive bootay call there."
by DEWdette March 01, 2009
3 11
An extremely unpleasant person. Someone who is both aggresive through ignorance.
I told him time and time again, ' I don't like it', and he still carried on. He was a right crunt
by janetw April 25, 2006
12 20
cunt; used in chatrooms on AOL to avoid AOL censors
You motherfucking crunt
You have a stinky crunt
You have a cottage cheese factory in your crunt
by Gosoaus January 07, 2005
10 18
Crusty-cunt. Occurs after a woman doesn't bother to clean herself after taking a load from her father.
I bet Tanya has a mad crunt from when her dad gave it to her doggy style last night. Lazy bitch.
by Johnny45 January 19, 2004
11 19