Crusty-cunt. Occurs after a woman doesn't bother to clean herself after taking a load from her father.
I bet Tanya has a mad crunt from when her dad gave it to her doggy style last night. Lazy bitch.
by Johnny45 January 19, 2004
A socially acceptable version of c*nt.
eg. Shit is to shite, as c*nt is to crunt.
What'd ya do with my pie, ya fat crunt!?
by Orion April 29, 2003
Cigar is emptied of tobacco and replaced with a mixture of crack and marijuana. Word comes from combination of crack and blunt. Purported, by her sister-in-law, to be a favorite mixture of Whitney Houston.

I can't believe she rolled that crunt and smoked the whole thing!
by dellstar June 28, 2006
The mix between cunt and crotch.
Don't show off your crunt. Crunt-master J, Crunt-master A, and Crunt-master Bay.
by Skichick4702 February 26, 2005
Dried up semen
You're mom's had trouble gettin my gang's crunt out of her hair.
by Richard Head June 15, 2003
A cross between chronic and cunt
Gary: Hey Phil, what're you doing today
Phil: Friggin crunting it up
by Chris Wright March 31, 2005
the epic raging dance that will kill more people than chuck norris, invented by stoned dwarves on the seaside of shorncliffe.
"i was shuffling at this party, then this guy did the crunt. i almost had cardiac arrest three times"
by DERMIS O'MALLEY August 15, 2009

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