crunking is when you snort a line of cocaine and get some on your finger, then you rub it on your gums in your mouth.
i'm crunking this caine.
by SIT ON MY FACE June 14, 2008
Top Definition
A type of dance that involves a kind of air humping that is accompanied by rapid arm movements and jumping
"Shit-son this is my favourite crunking song!"
by McKenzie M October 22, 2006
running around with an IV of Grey Goose for several days screaming for no apparent reason and screeching like a crow, "EHHHH EHHHHH!!"
yo man, Roq was out crunking last weekend.
by Roq Papi April 25, 2011
When you party alot and you drink the whole time of the party.
Bob: Dude, we was crunking last night, it was totally awesome.
by AprilMarieMusais June 10, 2005
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