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Something that is astonishing, or unbeleivable. Could relate to a party, a young woman, or a car.
"Damn girl, you're all crunkin and shit"

"See Wally's lux ride? Those hydraulics are crunkin."
by Lil Jon September 10, 2003
7 15
It means to be very cool, crazy, fuckin great, awesome or it can be substituted as "hell yeah".
"Man I went to a crunkin party last shit"
"Thats crunkin fo sho"
by Tigga July 02, 2003
23 14
The act of any Emergency Services apparatus (especially Fire Department) cruising through flooded-out areas and checking for floating bodies.
Once we were through crunkin', we headed back to the station.
by Woobey March 20, 2007
18 10