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An exclamation, commonly used as a statement of disbelief, disgust, repulsion, astonishment, or amazement. Often used by those that feel it necessary to slander religion or tap into "shock value" in an attempt to get extra attention.


Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ! Can you believe that ass monkey that wrote (J.T.F.C.) didn't know how to spell titty?

{please see j.t.f.c.}
by Woobey October 16, 2006
The act of any Emergency Services apparatus (especially Fire Department) cruising through flooded-out areas and checking for floating bodies.
Once we were through crunkin', we headed back to the station.
by Woobey March 20, 2007
The process of getting to know someone better over the internet while they are working thousands of miles away in Africa. Not dating, but a bit more serious than simply friends chatting.
To get to know each other a bit better, they resorted to Africating while she was working in Kibaale.
by Woobey December 21, 2015

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