Often mis-thought to be a neo-hippie; this is only partially true. A Crunchie / Crunchy (either spelling is ok) Is actually 3/4 preppy, 1/4 hippie. They do enjoy smoking the reefer, but it doesn't have to be excessive. Rainbow sandals/ barefeet are common. Lacoste shirts, polo, etc. Don't seem to care but look great anyway.
"That guy in the light pink polo shirt with long hair smoking a dubey is such a crunchie."
by Natasha October 07, 2004
Top Definition
A female although brunette displays frequent bursts of typical blonde behaviour. Thus arises then comparison with the colour structure of a crunchie bar - brown outside and blonde within.
Jo - a brown haired girl - received a message from her mother telling her not to ring because she was under the dryer. On awakening to find this message, Jo promptly headed to the laundry where she observed that her mother was not under the clothes dryer, but at the hair dresser.

This is an example of a brunette displaying blonde behavioural characteristics.
by Edward August 16, 2003
Someone who's brunette, but "blonde" on the inside, ie. they have dark hair but are dumb.
Becca: *while swishing her dark hair around* "so.. like.. how do you spell orange?"

Tina: "oh my god, she is SUCH a crunchie."
by theycallitlove_x December 02, 2009
someone whos hair colour isnt blonde yet they act like it is
brown/black on the outside blonde on the inside
Vanessa: heya have you talked to tash
Jessie: no why?
Vanessa: she walked into a tree on sunday
Jessie: ouch..what a crunchie
by Clox May 17, 2007
mostly young, usually intelligent girls, who have brown hair, but will often surprise you with their remarks and behaviour, you will be left wondering why they are not blonde! brown on the outside but blonde (or yellow) on the the inside. just like a crunchie chocolate bar.
mikayla and haylee walk into the store and buy three chewing gum balls, 1 red and 2 orange.
they returned to the car where haylees sister says "i want the red one" so clearly haylee and mikayla are left with the orange. but haylee quickly yells "i bags the orange!"

mikayla thinks 'geez i love her, but haylees such a crunchie!'
by mikkiii June 08, 2007
A sock worn the morning after being used as a wank-mop.
Man I woke up this morning and puty my sock on, and discovered it was a crunchie.
by The Burt of Punta Dilla Shorts December 21, 2006
A black person with a fascinaton with all things oriental.
You watch anime, imitate kung fu fighting, live on ramen and watch hentai! YOU CRUNCHIE
by Blicks July 01, 2011
A sound made instead of laughter. The sound is a crackling noise and is usually accompanied with a fist over the mouth. It is key to identifying a proper runaway laugh.
LeCharles was so amused when Quafonda spilt her red drink, that his crunchie could be heard all throughout Circuit City from the break room.
by P. Heifner & S. Hardy August 20, 2008
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