crunchie is another word for horny
omg im so crunchie!
by Lilgurlie June 06, 2009
A Sock worn the morning after being used as a wank mop the night before..
Bill I'm running so low on clothes, this morning I had to put a Crunchie on.
by hellomeginty January 23, 2009
Often mis-thought to be a neo-hippie; this is only partially true. A Crunchie / Crunchy (either spelling is ok) Is actually 3/4 preppy, 1/4 hippie. They do enjoy smoking the reefer, but it doesn't have to be excessive. Rainbow sandals/ barefeet are common. Lacoste shirts, polo, etc. Don't seem to care but look great anyway.
"That guy in the light pink polo shirt with long hair smoking a dubey is such a crunchie."
by Natasha October 07, 2004
Aspirin or other pain reliever.
I been poppin crunchies all morning for this headache.
by Robert Gillogly July 25, 2006

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