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The small collection of crumbs at the bottom of a bag of crackers or chips that is eaten all at once in a flurry of flavor by turning the bag completely upside-down unleashing an avalanche of overseasoned deliciousness into ones mouth.
Alistair: are there any Dorito's left?
Clancy: no, sorry we just finished them
Hans: you can have the crumbshot if you want it...
by Freasy June 08, 2009
v. : the act of dumping crumbs (chip, cracker, cake or otherwise) on to another person in a sexual manner.
Becky: What the fuck, why did you pour chips on me?

by walterblythe September 19, 2013
The act of eating the crumbs out of the bottom of a container, bag or package (i.e. Doritos, cookies, ect).
"Don't throw that bag out yet! You know it's not finished till I've taken a crumb shot to the mouth!"
by Spud31 September 29, 2011
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