a term used to describe a human-being that has a total lack of morals and respect for girl/people and their property. Crumbs normally get wasted and engage in the following activities, opening people’s mail, taking advantage of women, stealing alcohol from Koren bars, spitting on people, puking on people’s property, exposure of male genitalia, and spitting on people. Mostly smoke Newports.

Synonyms: Man-whore; jerk; tool; jack-ass; loaf of bread; moldy bread, slice of bread, and/or crust.
Example: next morning after a crazy night: “Yo, last night I was sucha crumb, sucha crumb! Me and my buddy Kyle totally peed all over some guys bathroom, it was soo gross. Wanna see the video?”
by Mango1231 February 26, 2011
Top Definition
1. A small light amount of something
2. An expression of dismay
1. What small i garnish my chicken with? I know bread crumbs

2. Oh crumbs i've left my wallet in the car
by mulligan November 18, 2003
(n.) A person who is a surplus of negative connotations. This person is lazy, stupid, ugly, worthless, and/or pathetic. Calling someone such a word tells them they are useless and need to get up and do something with their life.
1. Only a crumb would go to the beach which is an hour away, and then try to go tailgating back home later that day. A person with common sense would know that there is no way that you're going to have the time and energy to drive an hour to the beach, sit in the sun for a few hours while its drains you out, then drive an hour back and tailgate by 2pm. That is an example of a STUPID CRUMB.

2. David Francis Wesolowski sleeps 15 hours a day and when he is awake he does nothing but eat offensive amounts of food and get googies. He is an absolute crumb because of his laziness and worthlessness.
by Dale Hill May 14, 2007
what slick rick used to call old school fashion wanna be's as used at the end of Children's Story wen he says "tsk, Crumbs!"
Im tired of all these crumbs tryna jock my style
by The Ruler June 25, 2007
An international freestyle comedy duo from Canada that tours the world.
Holy %$&! CRUMBS totally did a kick ass show last night.
by Will Williamson September 05, 2007
What you say if you want to say crap, but you're in polite company and know you oughtn't
*drops plate of scones* Oh cra... Uh, I mean crumbs...
by shoreditch.vampire November 04, 2007
One of the worst things you can call someone. One step above a moth.
That bouncer at Chalk is the biggest crumb.
by Drew Christx December 05, 2005
CRUMB (S) - is a individual(s) who lacks honor,trust,love,morals,good intent,value,effort,respect,loyalty,support,devotion or goodstanding.
Nothing can stop us! aint no love for crumbs.
by Anthonio Von Swagger. August 31, 2012

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