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A car/pick-up truck exemplified by the El Camino.
Why the hell did they buy that cruck?
by BlueSmoke April 26, 2005
1. To be yelled at
2. to be in a dramatic scene that you would not want to be in.
1. You are sitting in class and someone starts yelling at you
you would say why r u crucking on me.
2. Mom ask you how your day went you would say My classmate was crucking on the teacher for no reason
by Spicebunny1 February 06, 2011
Short for craigslist fuck.

when you meet up for a random cheap hookup off craigslist, and end up lying next to a naked, hot n sweaty 50 year old, 250 pound toothless trailer park chick.
Dude I hope i didn't get AIDS from that cruck last night

Man, i was horny yesterday, so i went on the computer, next thing i know im gettin crucked.
by thisguy2222 August 18, 2011
A car that has truck like qualities; a truck that has been half eaten by a car.

Man that Subaru Baja Sport is quite the cruck! Word!

by Kenny007 August 04, 2006
Cruck is a more extreme form of the word crunk
Most people don't use it because they aren't cool enough.
Matt wishes he was as cruck as Alex, but he's not.
by 10293847 June 15, 2008
crazy luck a conjunction of the two words, inspired by from crunk or crazy drunk
man, that guy always wins he's got cruck!
by O(=^=)O Capn August 31, 2005
Hurr durr, I'm a worthless piece of shit that can't even spell Baja right. Don't even mention that I probably drive a Neon or something American and I enjoy paying for repairs that shouldn't even be needed. Dumbass. I also believe that a car is crap based solely on how it looks, practical or not.
"That dumbass above doesn't know that Subarus are known for being better than anything American. Doesn't even know that cruck is a stupid, worthless non-existant word."
by Raped by: Subaru February 22, 2005
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