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2 definitions by thisguy2222

Short for craigslist fuck.

when you meet up for a random cheap hookup off craigslist, and end up lying next to a naked, hot n sweaty 50 year old, 250 pound toothless trailer park chick.
Dude I hope i didn't get AIDS from that cruck last night

Man, i was horny yesterday, so i went on the computer, next thing i know im gettin crucked.
by thisguy2222 August 18, 2011
Its like kitty flipping (mixing ketamine and mdma) but making it a trifecta by adding alcohol to the mix.

one of the best drug combinations known to man
I was thinkin about kittyflipping for that rave. but im totally gonna try doggy flipping instead.

"dude i was soo doggy flipped last night."
"yeah man you almost screwed the pooch!"
by thisguy2222 August 18, 2011