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When you take a shit in the top tank of the toilet, so everytime they flush more shit comes down.
I totally crows nested the toilets at Burger King.
by Trident High school August 24, 2006
A person's nether-regions. Comes from the strange way the Microsoft Sam text-to-speech program pronounces the word "crotch".
Ouch, right in the crows nest.

Man, my crows nest itches.
by RulerOfNone June 20, 2011
When a guy or girl has a shit ton of pubes and it comes out of there pants.
Man look at stacy shes such a whore, look her crows nest is hanging out!
by OverLord L June 05, 2011
Refers to a condition typically found in older adults in which wrinkles resembling a "Crows Nest" are formed under the eyes. "Crows Nests" can also affect younger adults, most frequently those of south asian decent. In addition to being unsightly, if the condition (Crows Nest) is not treated in its nascent stages, it can severely inhibit ones ability to see.
"Yo, I'm in the mood for an omelet, lets scoop some eggs from that benchode's giant Crows Nest"
by Jazzworld3 January 06, 2010
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