A cookie that tastes very brownie-like but is not quite a brownie.
"Sarah, would you like some more crownie?"
by Sailor V November 23, 2006
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the king of beers. crown lager
dont be taking my crownie, boy.
by bonk December 17, 2004
A baked good that is one half cookie and one half brownie.
"We have cookie dough and brownie batter... Lets make crownies!"
by Je suis tres fou January 05, 2013
A crownie is the equivalent of two brownies.
Want to split a crownie?
by Cleaster June 16, 2010
A sexual manipulation of a female (or males) body to incoperate the long necked beer bottle into their body. The Person then uses their muscles to push the bottle out and another person then cracks open the bottle and skulls it as fast as they can. While it can be used with any bottle the long necked variety is best because it doesnt fully retract into the person's body cavity.
Person1. "Man, I did a crownie with some mates last night"
Person2. "That is so kinky s***"
by Michael Goulding September 03, 2007

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