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That which is suitable for royalty or someone deserving of a crown. Something highly desirable, of quality or of fine origin. Typically, anything that is the shit, the bomb, killer, dope, etc.
I converted my Benz to bio and got a new sound system -- now my shit is crowny!

That local family farm is so awesome! Their goat cheese is the crowny organies!

Question:What's this shit like?
Answer: It's crowny, son.
by jahmiller October 19, 2010
Something that looks, shaped, or resembles a crown.
Look nick another chip that is crowny!
by bignick1001 February 25, 2009
The act of skipping an event like cards or golf without reason. A wuss, A weekling, a loser
He called and said he could not play cards and pulled a crowny on us again.
by favreball February 05, 2010
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