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A mixture of Crown Royal and Coke. Very good and has the potential to fuck you up very fast if mixed with an unusual ratio.
Bill drank 12 crown and cokes last night and had to dish out $60 for his bar tab.
by Matt April 18, 2005
89 11
A progressive punk rock band from Mississauga who likes to party as hard as they rock out.
Crown And Coke has the best mosh pits known to man.
by Kris Brudek January 14, 2007
25 31
Crown And Coke is a band from Mississauga Ontario who can party as hard as they rock out. These boys can often be found having band practice with a 40 ounce of Crown Royal and an eight ball of blow. The band plays shows on a weekly basis throughout all of Ontario.
I went to the Crown And Coke show last night and the guitarist smashed a line off of his amp.
by Matt Bufford January 15, 2007
24 35