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The reverse inward facing side of a man's scrotum, generally considered to begin where the sack meets the grundel and extend downward along the full back of the scrotum. It has been considered by many to be a symbol of great stature to possess an elongated croth as one ages.
I just can't get used to this new bicycle, the seat keeps digging into my croth no matter how I sit on it.

When I find the guy who spilled white paint all over my vintage movie collection I'm going to smack him with my unwashed croth until he's unconscious.
by D'Naltroc May 01, 2014
to be bad or to be in the likeness of harry potter.
fuck you! i will not you fastidious croth pheasant!


Damn that new movie was so croth!
by Jenjamin June 10, 2004
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