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In a crowded situation, such as a bar, when two people try to make their way past eachother, accidentally rubbing their genitals against one another.
"Oh my God! I know this bar is crowded, but I've just been crotched by five different men tonight. I feel violated."
by PunkyBrookster March 05, 2013
Over enthusiastic "cavity search" between female prison inmates. Often used in combination with a massive fistful of butter.
Like when Denny crotched Shaz on Bad Girls innit. Savage.
by Coont February 14, 2011
The action of food falling on, or caressing one's crotch before one shares that food with someone else or consumes it entirely.
Oh no! My (insert food name here) has been crotched!

No thanks, I don't want any, it's been crotched.
by Harmony_b April 21, 2009
When one passes a spliff once they have smoked it to the roach.
Here you go man. Sorry, I've crotched it a bit.
by L.Bizzle October 06, 2005
When a person falls with a long object directly under him, and said long object impacts person in the crotch, causing extreme pain. Typically occurs to skateboarders.
Man, Bob crotched himself on that rail pretty bad.
by Psycho Bob March 03, 2003
This is where a polevault noob jumps at the bar and gets one leg on each side. Thereby crushing his/her testes/lack-of-testes.
Pole vault veteran: "Dude the bar owned that kid"
Pole vault veteran 2: "Yeah man, he got crotched bad"
Pole vault veteran: "DAAAAAAMN!"
by idonotgotojudd June 02, 2009
when 1 person (typically male) runs full force into another person who is sitting down, thus hitting the person in the face with their crotch
i still cant believe i got crotched by a girl!
by emorexic November 25, 2007
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