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A crab louse the size of a Buick;anything moving in or around your groin that ain`t part of you;the name of a punk-rock band.
Damn Cletis, I caught a dose of CROTCH-CRICKETS once that reminded me of a herd of buffalo.
by Prescott Shrub II December 14, 2003
A standard pager device, circa 1992.
I still can't believe you carry a crotch cricket. What do you work for the mob?
by novkayt October 18, 2010
same meaning of the word crabs
Dirty women give you crotch crickets.
by skylar012 November 10, 2008
"The Family"
He had a rather large "family" on board.
by RGB May 07, 2003
That skanky girl at the office who sleeps around with everyone thinking that it will help her career.
Dude, I hear that Marissa is sleeping her way through the executive board. She's such a damn crotch cricket.
by forever rebel June 08, 2005