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A dog the sticks his nose into a person's crotch.
That dog didn't hump my leg because he's a crotch hound!
by karenage October 30, 2007
A dog (or person) that always finds their nose in a person's crotch; a bad name for someone who is stupid. Also called skank hound.
"Dutch is such a crotch hound; he always has his nose in my crotch!"
by HsirT OecoM October 15, 2007
Crotch hound:

a) a person who will do anything to get what they want.
b) a person who uverindulges in the act of oral stimulation of the crotch.
c) just about every political figure.
d) A dog that always has their nose in a person's crotch
Guy one: Hey, I am gonna vote for Hillary.
Guy two: are you nuts? she will say anything for a vote, she is a crotch hound.
Guy one:Hey, I am gonna hang out with Tina tonight.
Guy two:Fuck that, all she wants is your cash and your ride, that ho is a crotch hound.
Guy one:bro, you dog wont stop digging its nose in my crotch.
Guy two: I know, that dog is a crotch hound.
by ed fagan January 20, 2008
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