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Having the quality of being backward, tangled, disorganized, broken, or inane.
I was terrified by a mass Python installation marathon. Especially when having versions of 2.x and 3.x, python seems to get cross-whacked.

DUDE are you wires cross-whacked? I mean you put the egg straight in
the pudding without beating it?

Dude... This engrish/chinglish/spanglish manual for my computer is
totally cross-whacked.

Yo maaaaan help me out, I need to untangle these controllers, they're
totally crosswhacked...

God: "Haha, I'll make the left side of your brain control your right
side and the right hemisphere control your left side"
Adam: "That's totally cross-whacked"
God: "Oh and sugar will taste really good but be super bad for you."
Adam: "Wow... Thanks..."
by Micro Farad April 09, 2011
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