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1.Someone who purposely or indirectly takes on a label and or situation as a means to look for sympathy,justify, and or clarify their position on a issue.

2. A situation in which you feel pressure, yet it is not your responsibility to take on the baggage associated with the situation.

Ex. jesus died for our sins aka was nailed to a cross...his "cross to bear"
Racist cunt: Black people commit all the crime, they have ruined america!

Tra: Fuck you! Everyone is a individual, i'm not here to appease you over this, this issue isnt my cross to bear i'm not representative of every black. We aren't all the same asswipe!
Girl: omg...i dont want her to hate me...the guy she likes likes me and i like him also...

Guy: so what! so he likes you better, his attraction to you isnt your cross to bear, she'll get over it!
by tra90813 September 14, 2007
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