In reference to the letter "X" in the word extreme, the word cross is used to describe something extreme such as an event, disruption, sport, or everyday living scenario.

*Inspired by Mountain Dew and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.
..and then the other car cut in front of him and the dude did a 360 and wound up in the ditch. It was pretty cross.
by Yoshua September 17, 2007
Become initiated in a Fraternity or Sorority.
Person 1: Hey, when did you cross Omega?

Person 2: April 27th at 6:52AM
by TheMagicalHindu January 18, 2011
Cross is the name of the bounty hunter in Need for Speed: Carbon. He drives a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (Also known as the Cross Corvette Z06 in the game) and is Extremely difficult to take out in a police chase... Although if you do manage to take him out you get a 100-200k bounty fine.
Shit... Cross is After me i'm going to have to drive fast or attempt to take him out.
by PeronalJesus December 05, 2010
A person who misses a monumental event by seconds because they had to do something insignificant, and most times, extremely stupid.
Bob: "I missed my friend's birthday party because I wanted to go see a movie."
Rob: "Wow, dude, you're such a Cross."

Videogamer1: "Where's Videogamer3, I told him to stay right here and I'm about to get 99 Mining!"
Videogamer2: "I think he said something about going to go buy a sword."
~Congratualtions, you've achieved 99 Mining~
Videogamer3: "Hey, what did I miss?"
Videogamer1: "Wow, you're a real Cross."
by yoyopeter July 15, 2008
A shortened way of saying cross country, one of the best sports there is.
Athlete: Do we have cross practice tomorrow?
Coach: Yep, 7am, bright and early. You all better be there.
Everyone: *collective groan*
by Robert Watson September 30, 2005
Cross, a name used to describe croatians. Often of long haired variety, with eastern european roots.
"I'm not croatian"

"yes you are, you have a big nose and long hair"

"What a Cross"
by TossPotFromNorwich November 08, 2007

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