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chronic + cookie = crookie

A cookie with marijuana in it.
Crookies fuck you up.
by john July 13, 2003
A person with a defining crooked feature on their body, usually in places such as the lips, nose, teeth, etc
HA! Matt is such a crookie, have you seen how ridiculous his lip is?
by Hatinonthacrookies January 16, 2014
a cross-dressing wookie(see definition) who you encounter outside, and he asks you to stay in your room. He will have symptoms of mental problems. He proceeds to come in to your room and ask to sleep on the floor, saying that the "hospital kicked him out." He then proceeds to obviously hit on your roomate, telling him "he's one of a kind." if you don't kick this "crookie" out of your room, he might steal your purse, your laptop, or your life. If you ever meet a crookie, leave your room as soon as possible, and pray you never see him again
Wow, Derrick was a real crookie last night
by nick dimille March 27, 2008
a cross dressing wookie(see definition) who asks to stay in your room at 2 in the morning, then proceeds to tell your roomate "im so glad i met a person like you" and hits on him blaitently for the next 10 minutes. It also goes around stealing various purses laptops and whatever other girly things he can find, and slurks around dorm rooms. If you ever run in to a crookie, immediately leave the room and pray that you never see him again
Wow, that kid derrick was a real crookie last night.
by nick dimille March 27, 2008
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