Most, if not all, politicians are crooks. They like to fuck us little guys in the ass and never have the common courtesy to give us a reach around.
Us: Hey there George W., you are sure one helluva crook!

G.W.: That may be true, but I am not the only one.

Us: True that! They seem to be everywhere in Washington.

G.W.: Word.........

by Dude Grease March 20, 2007
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someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime
he has done many bad things: he's a crook.
by Humberto Cueva December 10, 2003
Sick, unwell Australian slang
I am too crook to work
by Erniezzz February 11, 2005
skateboarding trick done riding backside up to an obstacle and grinding on the front truck with the tail turned slightly. also done frontside, switch, and fakie
has anyone crooked hollywood highschool 16 yet?
by Green Rippaa April 24, 2008
Means especially cool. Better than just cool
Your new trainers are crook
by Duscy October 17, 2013
the wicked black guy in 'Of Mice And Men', who just mutters about how bad it is to be black and have a dodgy back. He's a funny guy.
Lenny: Why aren't you aloud in the bunk house, Crooks?
Crooks: Cause I'm black!
by AMCROOKS April 14, 2009
Sick, Unwell.
"I'm feeling a bit crook."
by Diego August 14, 2003

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