A cronk is a person who repeatedly exhibits chronic offense behavior - such as irresponsibility or laziness
John: This is the fifth notice of late payment we have received from the insurance company on Jim's policy in six months.

Jen: He's such a cronk
#kronk #krunk #crunk #cronkish #krunkish
by Mike Landmark September 02, 2008
Top Definition
"Cronk" may be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, conjunction, preposition, interjection, or article.

The use of "cronk" signifies any word which the speaker wishes to replace or create.
I wish this stupid cronk on my toe would just disappear!
Wow, you really cronked her last night!
Now that's cronkin'.
#common mispellings: crunk #crank #crink #crenk #creank
by Forest Prefontaine January 18, 2008

An area of the brain that maintains equilibrium during drunkenness. The Cronk is the inactive area only used to measure a previous evening's drinking.
"The cops caught me in tears shaving a squirrel on a trampoline last night. I was clearly twisted off my cronk"
#cronk #nut #head #bounce #drunk
by cheekychappie September 10, 2014
To mix different types of alcohol together in order to satisfy the palate. Or to just satisfy ones curiosity.
"At 80% Ballast Point 'Big Eye' & 20% Mornington Imperial Stout, I must say, I'm more than satisfied with that cronk!," cronking cranking cronked certified cronker
#cronked #cranked #cronking #cronker #combiner #alcohol #beer #ipa #stout #cronkus #cronkking
by BreakfastMetal March 15, 2015
Having a shit and masturbating at the same time
I'll be back in 20 minutes, i'm just gonna have a quick cronk
#cronking #cronker #shit #wank #poo fetish.
by BobDaCronker December 30, 2010
perineum (the region where the balls bounce)
I was in my bike, the saddle broke and i got a new hole in my cronk.
#cronker #perineum #balls #bouncing #pussy
by perrofluta July 09, 2009
To have a fit; to freak out
My parents cronked when they found out I'd been out until 4 AM.
by Laur June 24, 2003
A history teacher who can only be described as a true ANIMAL. A man who fears no one (except for the borkowski) and is superior to us earthly pigeons. Do not confront it or attempt to call it an animal as it will become aroused with anger. It is a teacher by birth, animal by decision.
John: Wow! that guy is a true Cronk!
Bill: Ya I know, everyone seems to respect him with fear
John: Yes, just don't disturb him in his natural habitat
#animal #beast #mad-man #fearless #show-off
by The Animal Tamer May 24, 2011
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