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To indefinitely delay the giving of oral pleasure.
All you're going to get from that girl is a cronjob.
by xkj00 November 04, 2007
derived from a Unix code string adapted from the geek term for 'chronic', a cron job now entails a female geek giving a male geek a blow job over the keyboard of a computer, or within a three feet radius of a computer.
|-|3'/ 9|_|'/5! ! 907 4 (|20|\|,_|08 |_457 |\|!9|-|7! '/4'/see0|2see!!!
by Dr. Ren_Ayanami, Ph.D January 28, 2005
A word used by geek to refer to the smoking of cron (marijuana). Named after the tasks that are executed at regular intervals by a UNIX utility called cron.
Look at the time, there's a cronjob about to happen.
by Tsar Destroy Awesome October 30, 2003
A colloquial for oral sex, usually the male recipient version. Metaphorically referring to the penis as "cron", LOLSpeak for a cob of corn.
"Dood - she set me up an awesome cron job last night!"
by iamthefury February 25, 2009
Sticking an ear of corn into a sexual orifice beginning with the broad rather than the tapered end of the corn.
"That girl has been walking funny for days, she must been given a double cron job."
"Hey, can you setup a cron job for me. I need it to happen twice a day from now on."
by Jacksinn October 02, 2007
Something that you should be VERY pleased to hear your girlfriend say she would like to give you.
Much much better than intercourse.

(derived from unix cron tabs)
"Dude she said she wanted to give me a cronjob!"

"Dude go for it cronjobs are fucking amazing. At least 100 times better than normal sex."
by The slinky January 13, 2008
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