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The act of creeping and trolling at the same time.
Quit liking all my things man! Why're you crolling me?!
by crackerjackrobaino July 20, 2011
A word used when LOL or loling is not strong enough...

Crying with laughter, Crying + LOLing = Crolling
may also be shortened to Crollz
ha ha ha thats a very funny film, im actually crolling...

your so funny you make me crollz
by mattED1986 July 06, 2011
The act of crying in a cryhole.
Jonathan is crolling at the soccerfield at 7pm.
by jericho33 March 23, 2010
being crunk while rolling ballsss aka. reallyyy really drunk and high and rollin balls.
Brittany and allie were crolling on blue ladies, jd, and some dank ass purple haze.
by allieandbrittany January 05, 2008

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