The instance when a bicycle riding individual provides a lift to a friend, by vacating the seat and allowing the friend to sit on it, with the rider standing up on the pedals.
"My bike has a puncture, give us a crog to the park!"
by wakefieldsbonus October 30, 2009
Top Definition
n. 1)Total fuck mook. Ignorance in its purest form.
2) One who is incapabable of correct grammar, spelling, and (in certain extreme instances) forming complete and logical thoughts or insults.
v. tr. 1) To sexually assualt in a manner completely unbecoming of a human being. To savagely pillage another's hobbit hole, often involving the bilbo baggins technique.
n.- Man, can you believe that crog? Only a shithead fucks with Heavy C.

v.- I think he crogged his 'partner' last night. I could clearly hear what sounded like the flesh flute and the rusty trombone being played quite well.
by Dr A.C. Ph.D., Brown University January 28, 2004
A kitchen sink clog so disgusting that no man would ever attempt to remove it; requires a female to unclog.

Derived from asian people saying "clog"
Shit! Honey get over here, I've got a crog.
by Crisis31 April 20, 2010
crog the greatest word ever invented. Although its only fault is its pointless meaning.
As I was walking along the street, I stepped crog.
by Taurus February 02, 2005
Person: Smart, average looking male. Good friend and trustworthy. A good time always ensues when he is around.
"Let's all go to Crogs house to play some Madden!"
by Crogs August 12, 2004
Orginially a name for a cross between a crocodile and a frog, it has become a filler word for any situation where the use of a nonvulgar word is needed.
What the crog dude, you drank my soda!
by thecrogstersbaqq15 October 18, 2010
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