similar to rofl, except with style.

person one:
"why did the chicken cross the road?"

person two:

person one:
"to get to the other side!"

person two:
"thats lame"

person one:
by catii July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Short for "courtesy rofl". Used in the case where one is not actually engaging in the act of "rolling on the floor laughing", but either thinks something is either amusing enough to do so OR does not wish to offend by not laughing.
Person #1: Did you hear about the fish that went deaf? He had to buy a herring-aid!
Person #2: crofl
by Yeags August 22, 2006
Crying Rolling On the Floor Laughing. An extension on to the commonly used term, ROFL.

This term is used when one's humour is so strong, ROFL will not suffice.

This term was not created by Aya Ahmad.
Kees: "We got 82 in our assignment"

Other: "We got 70"

Kees: "CROFL.. 70 is so inferior"
by AM7104 April 23, 2011
The same meaning as ROFL, the C is just added for style.
Mike: Yo man Johnl fell off his bike the other day and broke his arm trying to do a bunny hop

Nick: CROFL!!!

Mike: Whats the c in crofl stand for?

Nick: Its just there for style
by degenercy00 March 03, 2010
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