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a fat person.
from the scientist who identified a type of trunkle obesity
oy crix, eaten many pies recently? truck loads you fat fuck
by stix February 25, 2005

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vital supplies for the life of any trini;
basic necessity for the existence of a trini, often eaten with cheese
make sure to stock up on crix in the event of a natural disaster
by triniguy July 13, 2004
a deranged transvestite usually of Albanian descent. A Crix is known to live in New York and prey upon straight men.
Do not shower in front of a Crix or you will cornholed
by Irish Dog January 10, 2012
The most genuine form of laughing. Often brings the subject to tears or makes them wet themselves.
I totally crixed in his face.
by Vince Latello September 10, 2003